Welcome to Checkmate Strategies 

Welcome to the online home of Checkmate Strategies, a leader in Louisiana governmental relations.  Louisiana’s politics are as diverse as its people, its cuisine, and ultimately its culture.   At Checkmate Strategies, we pride ourselves on helping our clients make the right moves to win the games they can’t afford to lose. 

At Checkmate Strategies, our mission is to work with our clients to develop and execute winning strategies to achieve their legislative goals.

Our Winning Strategy

The key to winning maneuvers is being able to see beyond the move you are about to make. 

Since 1995, Checkmate Strategies has been doing just that. Our extensive relationships at all levels in Louisiana governance help make us leaders at the policy table, in the war room and in the press room. We are a full service lobbying and governmental relations firm. We also offer association management services. 

    • Experienced and knowledgeable governmental relations at the local, state, and Federal levels
    • Expertise in legislative advocacy 
    • Expertise in grassroots coalition building
    • Political Campaign Management
    • Strategies to achieve organizational goals
    • Extensive experience in all facets of association management

    Why Do You Need An Effective Lobbyist?

    8 Reasons to Hire Checkmate Strategies 

    1. To alert you to key legislation
    2. To lobby issues directly impacting you 
    3. To block bills that will harm your interests 
    4. To give you a voice in appropriations
    5. To provide access to policymakers
    6. To monitor state regulations 
    7. To prepare legislative testimony 
    8. To develop a strong grassroots network

    Why is Checkmate Strategies is a top tier advocacy firm?

    • Strong Relationships with Decision Makers 
    • 28 Years of Experience in the legislative and regulatory processes of state government 
    • Constant Monitoring of Legislation and Regulations 
    • Winning Record 24/7 
    • Accessibility for Clients

    Download our brochure here: Checkmate Strategies Digital Brochure.pdf

    Checkmate Strategies | P.O Box 80053 Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0053 | 225.933.5435  Call or Text 
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