Lobbying is at the heart of Checkmate Strategies. The art of lobbying entails representing the legislative needs of our clients before the legislative branch of state government. Lobbying is a highly specialized activity that requires someone who communicates well, is honest and credible, and can provide lawmakers with reliable information to help educate themselves on issues that they need to understand.

There are 105 State Representatives and 39 State Senators. This is a lot of ground to cover. However, as your lobbying team, Checkmate Strategies has the experience and connections necessary to help our clients achieve results. In addition to the relationships we maintain with state legislators and our congressional delegation, Checkmate Strategies maintains relationships with business and industry folks, lobbyists and constituencies. 

Checkmate Strategies has mastered the strategies to help our clients gain the benefit of our knowledge. Let our team help you to grow your organization and become a more effective “player” in the legislature arena.


Grassroots are the foundation of good governance; an informed and mobilized populace of citizens will keep lawmakers honest and attentive to their needs. At Checkmate Strategies, we build coalitions.

This involves meeting and interacting with organizations (health care providers, business and consumer organizations, etc.) who have similar interests to those of your organization. Building these coalitions and networks is an essential component of successful governmental advocacy, and a cornerstone of Checkmate Strategies.

Some grassroots client work has included:

  • The American Tort Reform Association

  • Superfund Reform

  • The United/Delta Airline merger

  • PBM legislation

  • Tobacco Buyout for Farmers

  • Repeal of the Federal Estate Tax

  • Arctic Power

  • Stand Up for Steel

Regulatory Services

Regulatory involvement is the oversight of state government agencies that affect public policy issues. For example, health care providers would be interested in the actions of the Department of Health and Hospitals, the Office of the Governor, the Office of Workers’ Compensation, the Patients’ Compensation Fund, and the Office of Public Health. Each one of these entities places a role in the rules and regulations of the health care industry. You want to be at the table when the rules of the game are being made, and Checkmate Strategies will make you a player.

Each month the state publishes an official register of proposed rules and public hearings. As your public relations consultant, I will monitor the official state register and alert your organization about any proposed or emergency administrative rules which affect your area of industry. I will also assist in developing testimony on proposed administrative rules and may present such testimony at public hearings.

Regulatory Boards Include

  • Louisiana Patient Compensation Fund Oversight Board

  • Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

  • Louisiana State Board of Nursing

  • Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy

  • Any other board that affects our clients

State Agencies and Executive Branch offices Include

  • Department of Insurance

  • Louisiana Department of Education

  • Louisiana Department of Health

  • Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

  • Louisiana Department of Justice (Attorney General's Office)

  • Office of the Governor

  • Louisiana Secretary of State's Office

  • Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry 

  • Louisiana Division of Administration

  • Office of Workers Compensation (OWCA)

Association Management

  • Board Management
  • Conference Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • General Association Management
  • Communications (Press releases and enewsletters)
  • Website Management

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